Suspicions of espionage, SPAK controls the homes of former MEK members

2022-07-15 12:00:38Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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20 Iranians, previously former MEK members, are under investigation by SPAK for espionage in the service of the Iranian regime.

At the request of the Special Prosecutor's Office, inspections are being carried out in their homes. Most of them have been under investigation for 3 years!

We are talking about former members of the Iranian Mujahideen organization who have broken away from this organization and who are now suspected of carrying out prohibited activities within the territory of our country on behalf of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran and the secret services there. 

GJKKO a few days ago approved SPAK's request allowing inspection of 4 offices, 8 rented apartments and several buildings where they stayed and performed various activities.

Hassan HEYRANI is one of the persons who is suspected of being the leader of former MEK members.