The drug gang/ "Noizy" left Italy in 2017, replaced by Gernard Beu. Ilir Duro's interception: Clear everything

2023-01-29 17:14:41Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The moment of the arrests

Emirjan Bey, known by the nickname 'Noizy', one of the 3 bosses of the criminal group of drug trafficking, destroyed a few days ago in the joint operation Albania-Italy, left the neighboring country in 2017 after the arrest of Alfred Luli, one of the first to be captured by the group 6 years ago, and left the management of traffic in Milan to Gernanrd Beu.

Everything is revealed through interceptions in the file provided by Report Tv. As a result of the investigations in Italy, Gernard Beut's client was discovered in Milan, and the identification of Ramazan Grada, the person who managed the workshop where the processing of the narcotic heroin was carried out. The investigations also show the moment when Grada wants to break away from Gernardi, to join another more profitable criminal group of the narcotic cocaine.

Meanwhile, through an interception carried out on July 31, 2017 by the Italian authorities, it was the next episode of the start of the sinking of the structured criminal group that was dismantled through the "Highway" operation finalized 6 years later by the Guardia di Finanza in Italy and SPAK and the State Police in our country. At that time, one of the persons already under security measure "arrest in prison", Ilir Duro, appeared at the police station of Cremona in Italy and from there he communicated with the Italian collaborator, Francesco Ceci, whom he warns through this communication.

Ilir Duro:  Take it all. Load everything and exit. I'm in the police. Take it easy that they don't know anything about the house.

Francesco Ceci:  Ok.

Ilir Duro:  Relax. I have 10 days in jail to do. Do not worry. Take things off slowly.

This communication initially led to the seizure of 4.6 kilograms of cocaine in their apartment and their arrest. In the following, quantities of narcotics were seized in various episodes, until the Albanian authorities were also notified in 2019, who, at the request of the former Prosecutor's Office for Serious Crimes, put members of the group in Durrës under surveillance. Six years later, the authorities of the two countries finalized the operation with 43 arrest warrants, 21 of which in Albania.

Banda e trafikut të drogës Itali-Shqipëri që u shkatërrua nga megaoperacioni i autoriteteve italiane në bashkëpunim me ato shqiptare drejtohej nga 3 shqiptarë nga Durrësi, Braniol Liço alias Branjol Liço alias Braniol Aga, Gernard Beu alias Gernard Liço alias Gernard Ago dhe Emirjan Beu. Ata drejtonin dhe organizonin trafikun ndërkombëtar të drogës.

Mes të arrestuarve gjatë një hetimi ndërkombëtar për trafikun e drogës që përfshinte Italinë dhe Shqipërinë, janë edhe katër vëllezër shqiptarë që banojnë në Palazzolo sull'Oglio, në zonën e Brescias dhe që janë vënë në pranga. 

From the investigation started in 2017 between the Italian and Albanian authorities to dismantle the Italian-Albanian gang, 5 million euros and large quantities of drugs were seized, the mega-operation developed in coordination with EUROJUST brought 43 arrest warrants in both countries. Report Tv and brought details the day before from the file with the wiretapping that sank the Italian-Albanian group involved in drug trafficking.