Two offers from London for Igli Taren, but he prefers Italy

2024-04-12 18:37:41Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Igli Tare

Igli Tare has not found his new club yet, after leaving Lazio. His name has often been mentioned in various clubs, but concretely there has been no agreement between the Albanian sports director and any team.

The latest offers for Taren have come from London. According to the Italian press, there are contacts between Chelsea and Tottenham for the successful Albanian manager. It remains to be seen whether any of these tracks will advance or not.

The fact is that Tare prefers to stay in Italy, a terrain he knows quite well. It was initially rumored at Napoli, but this club has already chosen the new sports director.

An open possibility is Fiorentina, but there could also be some surprises.

Tare himself does not want to rush into the future.

After 18 years at Lazio, he is calmly waiting for the best alternative for him.