Drama for Croatia, a modest Italy removes them from the European in the 98th minute

2024-06-24 23:18:35Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The holiday of Italy

A very modest Italy thanks Mattia Zaccagni for scoring the equalizer against Croatia in the 98th minute, qualifying the Azzurri for the match against Switzerland on Saturday. While the Croatians are waiting for the plane that will take them home

Croatia produced a spectacular 90 minutes, taking the lead through Luka Modric's 55th-minute goal, just a minute after failing to score from the penalty spot as his penalty was saved by Donnaruma.

But Italy did not give up and scored at the last breath to finish the group in second place with 4 points. In the 98th minute, Zaccagni, coming off the bench, miraculously sent Calafiori's assist into the net.

After this 1-1 draw, Croatia also remains out of the 1/8 stage, as with only two points it ranks fifth in the group of the third best national teams.