This is the official formation of Albania against Spain

2024-06-24 19:37:28Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Albania - Spain

Albania will face Spain in their final Group B match, where they will seek victory and qualification for the 1/8 stage of a European Championship.

Sylvinho has trusted the starting XI he introduced against Croatia, with hysaj being replaced by Balliu.

As far as Spain is concerned, De La Fuente has made a rotation of the first team, having managed to secure the top of Group B while already waiting to learn the opponent at the 1/8th stage.


Shkipriya: Strakosha, Balliu, Ajeeti, Gjimshati (C), Mitaj, Aslani, Ramdani, La, Asani, Bajrami, Manaj.

Trajner: Sylvinho

Spain: Waiting...

Trajner: Luis De La Fuente