Artificial Intelligence of the sports company predicts Albania-Spain match

2024-06-24 15:02:46Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Nationals and the Reds

Spain has already secured top spot in Group B at this Euro 2024, consolidating its dominance with strong performances. On the other hand, Albania is in third position with 1 point and today has a golden opportunity to qualify for the 16th stage if they manage to beat the Spanish. This match is crucial for the Reds, who are seeking a historic qualification.

With qualification already secured, Spain is expected to make some rotations in its starting lineup. The Spanish coach could leave some of his key players resting, giving the opportunity for others in the team to appear on the European stage. That's how players like Vivian, Zubimendi, Fermín, Ferran, Joselu or Merino are expected.

According to Opta Sports' artificial intelligence projections, Spain is still favourite to win with a 61.7% probability. Despite possible rotations, the quality of the Spanish squad gives them a significant advantage. A draw has a probability of 21.6%, reflecting the possibility that Albania, fighting for its survival in the tournament, will manage to resist the Spanish offensive and secure at least one point. Finally, Albania's win stands at 16.7%, a less likely but unassed option, taking into account the team's motivation and need to advance in the tournament.