Well-known Greek lawyer: This European, I am a fan of Albania, with my friends and my children's friends at school

2024-06-14 20:45:51Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Greece / Albania

Today the European football championship starts in Germany, with endless emotions for all qualified national teams.

But our southern neighbor, Greece, failed to qualify, and yet Greek sports fans will not miss this magical competition.

But the attention has been drawn by a well-known Greek lawyer, who has declared that he will be a fan of the Albanian national team.

Vassilis Papastergiou in an article on social networks, he writes that this is the most emotional but also logical choice for him. His friends, many clients, but also his children's friends at school are Albanians, he says.

The lawyer writes that Albanians are better integrated in Greece, while he does not forget to touch on those racist episodes between the two countries.

"And another team, Albania.

It is an emotional choice, but also a logical one.

Albania is a group of our neighborhood, the Balkans.

My children's classes are full of Albanian children. I imagine they will have a hidden joy for their fathers and grandfathers' team, even though it plays in the group of death with Italy, Spain, Croatia.

Albanians can now be considered an example of successful integration, but who may forget (not themselves anyway!) what our good fellow citizens heard in the 90s.

And who can forget that the celebration of a victory over our national team, which was then the champion of Europe, cost the life of a young man from Albania in 2004 and caused an explosion of racist hatred against them from different fans against other compatriots". he writes.

He further writes that the racism that Albanians once suffered is today directed at other nationalities such as those from Asia or Africa. He says that he will support Albania also as a sign of sympathy for what they have suffered during this period in Greece.

"In any case, Albanians have been integrated in our country, with a lot of effort and a lot of pain. They learned our language like no one else. They filled our cities, their children gave life to the fallen classes of our schools. They decorated our villages with their work.

Today, the same people who insulted and belittled them then admit that Albanians are educated and domestic. Only and only of course to further pour out their racist venom against our fellow Africans and Asians, especially those who have the misfortune of being Muslims.

Anyway, I don't support Albania just for this, that is, to apologize for everything I write above.

Because Albania is the group of many people who are my friends, my colleagues, my clients, the parents of my children's classmates", he concludes.