WORRYING / Social gap; parties in need ask the government to index votes!

2023-12-02 19:14:06Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The social gap; parties in need ask the government to index votes!

TIRANA - Two disturbing events this week in the Albanian capital proved that despite the government's claims and propaganda, inequality and social gaps in the country are deepening.

In the first event, a group of small, barely breathing parties delegated their leaders to meet and discuss the possibility of joining forces and forming a union. Patronageist learns that in fact the presidents delegated themselves since the parties in question, due to the government's repressive policies, do not even have members. Most of them are registered as small business in politics, while the chairpersons are natural persons. But the problems don't end there. Some of them do not have a nephew, one is on trial for an old explosion that was brought to his attention out of anger that he has friends in the Republicans in America, while another has not yet decided whether he will keep his nephew for the real agribusinesses. food and will put the lock on the whole party.  


The presidents in question appeared in front of the microphones and declared that for 10 years they have remained with the same votes or they have decreased.

"It's terrible, can you live with so few votes," protested a party leader, a former coachman from Vadejsi, who to this day wears triangular swimsuits made of nylon, "for twenty years the government has not indexed us. That's how you have it with me !" (Translation; O we died for bread)

The speech was taken by the Republican leader, a former oil engineer who had never worked a day in the trades and yet had taken up explosions for beauty.

" Since the late chairman, Mr. Sabriu, left the party with his will, I have nothing but hardships and suffering behind me. I could hardly collect those little votes with crumbs, I could hardly become a deputy. I don't even know how I saved and maneuvered. But here, with a hundred aunts, I could barely become a minister. Narrow here and thin there, I hardly took any drug trafficker with me on delegations abroad. But now I can't anymore. The government should give up, otherwise we will not enter the EU!"

The English teacher, expert on the rights of some people, Vandul Gjeli took the floor.

"I don't want to enter the EU. I want to enter Greece if they don't let me. They tell me that you were elected deputy with 800 votes, three-quarters of which were not even yours, aj sto dhiaolo".

Everyone present agreed that they should unite, form a union in order to put pressure on the government. Finally, they said, let the government use the emergency fund, like then with the earthquake. "This is our earthquake," they said, " the euro and the dollar have fallen to the ground, yet our votes in the country count." This is unbearable! "

In the end, the parties declared that they will drink coffee again, under the motto "Grxho and the dead of all areas, unite!"


But the event that really left a dramatic impression and showed that the belt has been tightened to the point where it no longer holds, happened at the weekend.

In order to show the urgent need for votes, a poor old man and his wife slowly walked to the Palace of Congresses, which had been booked with pension money and had barely filled the first two rows of seats with delegates.

WORRYING / Social gap; parties in need ask the government to index votes!

"Here," said the old man with a trembling voice, " let the government see how we have become." I used to fill the hall full, and that's how they waited outside. What about now? I feel like putting a pin. Why are we such a cursed country?"

Next, the old man said that, with his hand on his heart, he does not ask for miracles, nor for the government to hold him in contempt. " I am the main opposition party, sir. I do not want special honors, but at least to be on a level with the countries of the region. The oppositions in Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia have at least 20-30 percent of the votes, not 7 and 10 percent like us. Why don't we equal our neighbors? Does the Ministry of Finance work?"

And to make the scene even more painful, the elders had also taken their daughter with them, who was following them like a sleepwalker. They had tried to beautify the desert somehow and make it look good with these cosmetics that today's girls wear, but there was no hope. Even though his parents tried to encourage him to smile a little, everyone present felt sorry for him.

Pointing to his daughter, the old man turned to the cameras and said: "This is how we got stuck! The state gives up! The votes do not have to be one for the mother and one for the stepmother. Let's all take a little bit. I appeal to all those who have the opportunity, businessmen, Albanians of the diaspora, help us!"

Note: Patronageist is an anti-moat satirical column, but also anti-deceased