"I don't like footballer husbands because they get hurt quickly", Rike Roçi tells how men harass him on the street: They tell me 'I ate you...'

2024-06-18 21:18:38Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Rike Roçi in Fiks Fare

Named as the sexiest girl in "BBV3", Rike Roçi was present this Tuesday in the Fiks Fare studio.

Together with the two moderators Dori and Devi, Rike Roçi talked about her private life, future plans and definitely about politics.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Devi:  After you left BBV3, you said that you broke up with your boyfriend. What status are you in now?

Rikja:  Empty, empty, empty because I don't have to lie

Devi: If you were facing a beautiful football player, would you choose to get fat?

Rikja: Football player?! Yes, footballers get injured quickly, I don't want men who get injured

Dori: There is nothing wrong, Devi, that 30-year-old footballers die.

Dori: And when Rikja goes out on the street, how do men react?

Rikja: It has happened to me that every time I go out on foot, these chunatas are hungry, I don't know, they don't eat bread at home and they always say "Oh, eat this, oh, eat that" they are hungry, they are hungry.

Dori: (points to Rike's hand showing a diamond ring) Look what we're dealing with here!

Rikja: Yes, it is a diamond, I bought it myself, since no one gave it to me, I bought it myself. I will wait for someone to give it to me, I bought it myself and finished the job quickly.

Dori: Now, how do you relate to politics, do you know them, do they know you?

Rikja: No, I neither know them nor do they know me

Devi: Not to get to know each other

Rikja: I don't have good relationships, I don't understand politics.

Devi: We have selected some of the country's political figures, the first one is (the photo of the prime minister is shown) How does it look like this?

Rikja: The Prime Minister. Okay, I don't mind. Long good, good.

Devi: If he was not married, would Rama be a good man for you?

Rikja: If I don't know, I see him as prime minister and what he does for Albania, I don't see him for such things.

Dori: Take it off, Rama doesn't do it

Devi: (Berisha's photo) And do you like him as a man?

Rikja: (laughs loudly) This could be for the father-in-law, so...

Devi: He is busy as a father-in-law, but we can also talk about a husband

Rikja: (in Basha's photo) Ahhh, beautiful, beautiful Basha. After I heard that Egla also compared me to Basha. That Basha would be me at home because he is handsome and I say charming, charming

Devi: (photo of Meta) What about this other one?

Rikja: Ah, this is Ilir Meta

Devi: Yes, Ilir Meta was a football player of the national team

Rikja: He was a football player, he doesn't play badly, no

Dori: You have it and powerful as you like

Rikja: Not damaged, not damaged, only damaged

Devi: (picture of Kryemadhi) Let's look at this too

Rikja: I think Monika is a strong woman!