Mozzik tells more about his new girlfriend: I've had fun with her for a long time

2024-06-18 19:50:00Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Lotina and Mozzik

Mozzik, in an interview for "Reload" on RTV Dukagjini, has confirmed his relationship with Lotina Haziri, making it clear that he is very well and happy.

The rapper showed, among other things, that he has been writing to him for a long time and that he has enjoyed it for a long time.

Initially, the rapper said that the connection with him was no coincidence:

"It was not a coincidence. Do you know how? It is a very short topic that is concluded very clearly, and I believe that the ending concludes, reinforces what I said. That feeling that I am very well and I am very happy...".

Further, he added that he has been writing to his girlfriend for a long time, which shows that he had an old and beautiful liking:

"I have written to Lotina for a long time, that is, it reflects a beautiful, old liking of mine. Then as the waters of life have come, they have come in the best and most honest, most just way, they have simply come. I am very happy in this part".

As for their relationship, it is not known when it started, but the media caught the eye of the fact that the two often posted photos from the same place when they were on vacation in Tanzania. Lotina, like Mozzik, has confirmed the romance through a post on Instagram, where he wrote: "Mozi day everyday".