Turkey can only approve Finland's membership

2023-01-30 18:33:54Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Turkish President Erdogan

Erdogan threatens Sweden, that it will only approve Finland's membership in NATO. But Helsinki should not make the same mistakes as Stockholm. Turkey wants the extradition of people it considers terrorists.

Turkey has hinted that it will approve Finland's membership in NATO, but not Sweden's. "If necessary, we can give another answer regarding Finland", said the Turkish president in a meeting in the province, Bilecik. Sweden will "be shocked when it sees our answer", writes afp. Finland must not make the same mistakes as Sweden.

Sweden and Finland, under the pressure of the Russian military attack against Ukraine, jointly applied for NATO membership. This request must be approved by all member countries. It is the first time that Turkey gives signals that it will handle the Finnish candidacy separately, leaving aside the Swedish one. Meanwhile, Finland is also open to a separate action and its own membership, after Turkey's repeated position that it will not approve Sweden's membership in NATO.

Turkey accuses Sweden of being too liberal towards groups it considers terrorist groups and a threat to Turkey's security. Ankara has declared that it will approve the Swedish request, only if Stockholm meets its conditions.