The legend of Italy is raped and held hostage along with his family

2024-06-21 08:40:05Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Former Ballon d'Or winner Roberto Baggio and his family were victims of a violent robbery on Thursday evening while watching the Italy-Spain Euro 2024 match being played in Germany.

The nightmare for the 57-year-old began around 10pm when a gang of at least five people, all armed, entered the footballer's villa in Altavilla Vicentina.

Corriere dello Sport reports that the robbers entered the house and Baggio tried to confront one of them by physically fighting. After a very brief struggle, the robber hit the legendary Italy striker in the forehead with the back of the gun, causing a deep wound, while Baggio and other family members were then held hostage in a room for 40 minutes.

During this time the criminals have turned every room upside down, stealing watches, jewelry and money, but the value of the stolen items has not yet been determined.

When the footballer realized that the robbers had left, he broke the door and called the police. The carabinieri have intervened quickly after hearing the denunciation of Baggio and his family, while the prosecutor's office has launched an investigation seizing all the video surveillance footage.

So, Baggio was sent to the Arzignano emergency room, where he was treated by doctors and came out with some stitches on his forehead. For other family members there was only fear and panic, but no one was hurt.