EXCLUSIVE/ New methods of INTERCEPTION and investigation by SPAK to discover corruption!

2023-11-24 10:36:19Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

In addition to logistical assistance and the exchange of data with European partner services, as in the case of the ' Metamorfoza ' file, or the file in charge of Ervin Mata and Erzen Breçan , the Special Prosecutor's Office has also received a confidential guide from international counterparts with advice on corruption investigation.

The confidential report , a part of which has been exclusively provided by Voxnews.al , lists a series of guidelines and the combination of traditional investigative methods with the possibilities and innovations offered by technology.

There are two main guidelines for SPAK, firstly focusing on individuals and professions considered more exposed to corruption and secondly using advanced methods and technology during the investigation.

For individuals and professions, partner services advise Albanian special prosecutors to investigate importers and consumers of expensive, unusual materials and services for their declared income.

Interviews with co-workers and people who have worked in the past, or continue to work with senior officials, are recommended.

It is also advisable to investigate the architects of luxury houses, buildings or villas, their income and the invoices they issue for the services provided.

In relation to advanced methods and the use of technology, international partners advise SPAK to analyze data through specialized programs, to monitor activities in social networks and digital media, of persons, companies or institutions where corrupt activities are suspected.

It is also suggested infiltration, or the provision of confidential collaborators who can provide additional data for investigations, as well as the use of drones, or satellite technology for gathering information.

Environmental surveillance through specialized programs is recommended, as well as the use of microdrones, also known as ' surveillance flies ' for covert surveillance.

The guidance of international partners aims to provide a more complete approach and provide indisputable evidence in the fight against corruption by combining traditional analysis with advanced technology.


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