From December to December

2023-12-08 09:53:05Pikëpamje SHKRUAR NGA MONIKA STAFA
Monica Staff

By Monika Stafa

In the late 1990s, Albanians had hope that Albania would enter a new era. That of a normal political development.

With the regulation that automatically brings the antinomy "power - government". This is what happens in the history of powers in the West. In Western democracies or liberal democracies as it is called in today's language of world historiography.

And here in Albania, the first political opposition was founded, with a right-wing program and left-wing populism. It happened in December 1990. The Democratic Party of Albania was created.

While the Communist Party at that time decided to return to the parliamentary party. It agreed to face competition by renouncing the constitutional privilege of hegemony over power.

But was a parliamentary political system with all its virtues really being created?

What was happening to the Albanians? Why were they lied to again?

It was a time when the performance hall of the Academy of Arts was filled with intellectuals who had realized that the form of political struggle had changed. But not the war as a whole. New alignments were created. But the opposition still had not taken the face it needed. And neither was the old power ready to surrender or retreat. And it wouldn't be for a long time either.

However, the revolutions were over. The time of mind and work had come. This was a message that Western voices publicly sent to the intellectuals of that time. So they ran away from the street and the public demonstration.

A small group of intelligent people took the first step to institutionalize a genuine opposition as such. They founded the institution of reflections. The institution that claimed to turn the political struggle into oppositionism.

And why the 'reflections' could not be carried out? How much less to complete this institution? Who stopped him? And who confused the thread of this story?

Today, after 33 years, it is difficult to say. To accept. Or explain why in Albania the opposition has never shone. The truth is that power circulates, which means that there is left and right in the parliament. But where was that Albania that should have been done early? That generation of the late 80s that marked the political history of thinking differently?  

Far from what started, everyone had already taken a place: someone politically engaged, someone between politics and thought, someone a self-separated individual.

Once again it was proven that oppositionism in Albania came like a brief flash of lightning. In the form of an emotional intoxication that could not recognize strong foundations to grow. In thought and platform. Bringing as a result the darkness of thought and a long and now very old political war. In these decades, the election campaigns have known a competition of parties constantly in political war.

No thought.

No platform.

No idea.

Because even the seasons of movements of thought and idealistic spirit in Albania were simply short transitory stations on the path of life of the Albanian political state.

A little oppositionism and a lot of political warfare. Because there was even less idealism among his thinkers or reflectionists. The political mind "ceased" to reflect and political action took its place. Those who have had an internal vocation to develop the opposition left the race in the middle and could not take the goal to the end.

How to revive oppositionism, how to make parliamentarism work, how to turn the political war into a competition of alternatives, how to save the country's honor from the lack of basic state regulation mechanisms; isn't it easy what had to happen?

So, how to govern Albania differently! Not how to get power!