The FULL EVIDENCE of the grandmother who kidnapped her 3-year-old grandson is revealed: We wanted to raise him ourselves, he replaces the son who died

2024-04-20 20:18:19Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The grandmother of the 3-year-old

The Durrës police have arrested Bahrije Gjuni, the grandmother who kidnapped her grandson for a week. She is charged with kidnapping.

The grandmother handed over the 3-year-old to the police today after keeping him for a week. The 3-year-old is now with his mother.

Regarding the reasons that pushed her to take this action, the grandmother said that she wanted to raise the child herself.

"We decided together with Rexhepi to take the grandson and raise him ourselves because he is our son's. I have my son's child, I don't hurt him. They wouldn't let us raise it, so we took it. I have not committed a crime. He replaces our son who died in the accident. The bride wouldn't give it to us, so I took it and ran to my relatives."

The grandmother also explained the reasons why she handed over her grandson.

"I decided because of the pursuit by the police, but also because one of my brothers was arrested and another is wanted. They have no hand in this event. Even my son, who is in Belgium, insisted that I return the child to his mother."

57-year-old Gjuni explained to the police officers and the places where she stayed for a week.

"When the bride brought it last Saturday, I took it and went to my village in Gjinaj of Kruma to my parents. I slept there one night. The next day I went to the Good Place in the village of Buzmadh in Kukës, where we stayed for another night there. On the third day, I went to my cousin in Kukës. Then, I saw on the news that the police were checking in Kukës e Has and I went to Tirana, where I slept in 4 different hotels."

The grandfather of the minor, Rexhep Gjuni and his brother-in-law Arben Selaj, were arrested earlier for the incident, who were left in prison by the Durrës court.