The gun attack on Top Channel, the police land at the house of the famous rapper?

2023-03-27 14:43:33Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The rapper, known mainly on social networks as Clevio, through a video on Tik Tok, has stated that the police have landed at his house after the gun attack on the premises of Top Channel where the security guard was killed.

The police have not yet brought any official notification about the incident that happened during the night.

As for the statement of the social media personality Clevio, its authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

The incident happened around 01:00. Unidentified persons approached Top Channel with a Range Rover type vehicle with stolen license plates and fired Kalashnikov volleys at the television premises.

One of the bullets hit the security guard, Pal Kola, 60, who died on the spot.

The perpetrators left the scene, while the vehicle and the two Kalashnikovs were found burning. The causes of the event are not yet known.