The father died during the attack in Kosovo, the policeman's daughter speaks through tears: I entered the house and did not see you...

2023-09-25 13:18:22Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Approach Bunjaku

Police officer Afrim Bunjaku's daughter gave a speech for her father during the memorial meeting for the policeman who was killed in the north.

At the beginning of her speech, the girl could not hold back tears, creating pauses from time to time.

She said that no one will replace her father, and added that she is very proud of her father.

" How difficult it is for me to write about you, my father. I never believed that your departure left a wound in our hearts. I don't know how I will live without you, I entered the house and did not see you. I did not find your place replaces no one, you all taught us to live without you, never. We are all proud of you, we will follow your path, with longing and pain "- said Bunjak's daughter. 

We recall that a member of the Kosovo Police was killed and 3 were injured in clashes with an armed group in the north of the country.

Sergeant Bunjaku was killed in the ambush that the armed group took early in the morning at the entrance to the village of Banjské in Zveçan. During the exchange of fire, 2 other policemen were injured.

Then the armed group of 30 members was placed in the monastery of Banjska where for hours, throughout the whole day on Sunday, shots were exchanged with the police.

In the evening, the Minister of the Interior of Kosovo stated that three attackers were killed, while six other people, who were suspected to be related to them, were arrested. A large amount of weaponry was also seized.