"I'm in his life..." Drini Zeqo in a love affair with the former BBV resident? Here's the details that reveal the couple

2024-06-16 14:37:06Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Former "Big Brother VIP" contestant, moderator Drini Zeqo has apparently started a new love affair with Dea Vierin.

Recently, the journalist was invited to the "Top Arena" show, where he also spoke about his personal life

"It's said you're in a relationship with Dea Vier," Alesia Bami asked.

"But I saw Dean, here she is," Drini said, as Dea approached him with a cake in his hand, where two candles with 20 nurmins were her.

Ed Manushi asked Drin to think of a wish, although Dea said: "Drin was granted all the wishes the moment I entered his life," adding to the doubts.

We have long heard that the duo have started a new love affair with each other, and it is not known whether Drini and Dea are in a romance together or not.