The most viral joke of Big Brother VIP 3, Ergysi promises Franceska that I will not cheat even with "Dorina"...

2024-06-16 18:54:09Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Franceska Murati

After the surprise she received from her mother, where the latter sent her a very emotional letter from her daughter, the former resident of "BBV3", Franceska Murati , was also surprised by her partner Ergysi.

You are reminded of the most viral joke of this edition, said by Franceska about her husband: " I am not worried about her husband, since he has Dorina !"

This joke went around the network, but Franceska's husband, Ergysi, showed her the opposite in 'S'e luan Topi'. As he started a big bouquet of flowers in the studio, he has two words for her:

" Let me first tell you how proud Charli and I are of you. You are the best mother and wife in the world. I can't wait for Charli to have a sister or a brother, you've made me viral lately but I'm sure I'll never cheat on Dorina either. I love you so much Ergys i".