Scandal in Russia/ The Russian journalist close to the Kremlin is raped by Kadyrov's nephew

2023-01-31 09:48:02Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A big scandal has erupted in Russia, after the news that a Russian journalist close to the Kremlin, who makes propaganda against Ukraine, was raped by the nephew of the Chechen leader, Kadyrov and his men.

The widespread rape of Ukrainian women by Russian soldiers is not only tolerated, but sometimes even encouraged. But attacking a Russian woman who likely has connections and friends in high places in the Russian media and government is quite another, writes Dailykos, a group of blogs and Internet forums.

Someone has to pay for this rape of a TV propaganda reporter and the beating of her cameraman who were in Melitopol to make a story about the "progress" of the war. The culprits are the Chechen bandits known as the Kadyrovites.

The Kadyrovites have been on a prolonged wild rampage in this war – as bad as the Wagner Group. Their heinous crimes are too numerous to list.

I guess we'll see how much of a "big scandal" this will be, as it looks like the cover up has already started. Filing a criminal complaint seems like a dangerous thing to do for the network in Putin's Russia.

"Big scandal in Russia. TV presenter Olga Zenkova from NTV was sent to occupied Melitopol to record a propaganda piece.

While visiting a restaurant, Kadyrov's nephew Hasan Ibrahimov and men from his unit approached her, beat her cameraman and then raped her," a Twitter profile wrote.

“Hasan Ibragimov, nipi i Ramzan Kadyrov, i cili dyshohet se organizoi përdhunimin në grup të një reportereje televizive ruse në një restorant në Melitopolin e pushtuar, ka një histori sjelljeje të keqe.
Ai u arrestua në Krime në dhjetor pasi ai dhe shokët e tij kadirovët rrahën një djalë në një restorant”, shkruan një tjetër adresë.

"What can I say? Well, it stays in the family! In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, the 'Kadyrovites' raped a Russian NTV propagandist and beat a cameraman.
This 'unfortunate incident' is mentioned in the statement of the NTV leaders addressed to the 'Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation'. The letter specifies that Olga Zenkova and cameraman Artem Yepifanov were in the city on an editorial assignment. On January 17, they were having dinner at the "Vorontsovsky" restaurant, when they were attacked by the invaders who introduced themselves as "fighters of the Akhmat battalion". Of course, this topic will not be revealed on any of the propaganda TV channels", says another "Twitter".