Radojicic was injured in the north of Kosovo! The Serbian media confirms it and calls it "LIVE": He is being cured in Serbia... (VIDEO)

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Milan Radojicic

Milan Radojicic was injured in the exchange of fire between his group of Serbian terrorists and the Kosovo police, yesterday in the village of Banjska.

The Serbian media "IstragaB" confirms the news, publishing the phone call and the messages exchanged with Radojicic.

This media says that during the attempt to contact him, the phone was not picked up, but then an unknown person answered, saying that "it is not Radojicic".

Milan Radojicic, one of the leaders of the Serbian List, was injured during a terrorist attack in Kosovo

 Today, on several occasions, we tried to contact Radojicic. Initially, an unknown person who answered his phone number said that "it is not Radojicic", while later, during the correspondence, the same person claimed that Radojicic is fine and that he is being treated. According to our information, Radojicic is in Serbia and is being treated. His documents were found in the seized cars", reports the Serbian media.

The Kosovo Prosecutor's Office discovered among hundreds of heavy weapons a document belonging to Milan Radojicic, leading to speculation that he himself was among the 30 Serbian terrorists who tried to provoke war in the north of Kosovo.

Radojicic is wanted by Albanian justice, accused of killing the Serbian politician in Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic, and is sanctioned by the United States of America.

Radojicic was injured in the north of Kosovo! The Serbian media confirms it and