The right-hand man of the criminal Milan Radojicic is suspected among those killed in the north of Kosovo

2023-09-25 16:12:51Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Stefan Nedeljkovic

One of the Serbian terrorists killed yesterday during the exchange of fire with the Kosovo police is believed to be Stefan Nedeljkovic.

He is an extremist, known as the right wing of Milan Radojicic, the vice president of the Lista Srpska party, the largest party of Kosovo Serbs.

The latter has been declared wanted by the justice of Kosovo as a suspect for the murder of the Serbian politician in Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovi?.

Although the Kosovo authorities have not confirmed his identity, the media in the country report that the comparison of photographs has made it possible to identify him.

Stefan Nedeljkovic was a member of "Severna Brigada", a group of Serbs from the north of Kosovo declared as a terrorist group by the decision of the government, and led by Radojicic.

The balance so far from the confrontation with the terrorist group of about 30 people is 4 killed and 7 arrested.

Two of the Serbian terrorists were allegedly injured and managed to escape, but are now being treated at the Novi Pazar hospital in Serbia.