VIEWS OF TERROR / From anti-tanks to bullets with the Serbian flag, this is the arsenal that was used yesterday against the Kosovo Police!

2023-09-25 15:26:31Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

One day after the terrorist attacks against the Kosovo Police, where the policeman Afrim Bunjaku was killed and another was injured, the authorities have revealed the entire arsenal of firearms that they seized on September 24 in Banjska in Zveçan.

6 Serbs who were involved in the attack are being treated in a hospital in Novi Pazar, Serbia, while Interior Minister Xelal Svecla has called on Belgrade to hand them over to the authorities.

According to her, in addition to the seized weapons, maps and documents were also found that testify to genuine organization for other attacks.

So, it is learned that the weapon found belongs to the type used by the Serbian army, from the year 2021.