Heavy in Italy/ Carried the dead mother's body in the trunk of the car, daughter: I had no money for the funeral

2023-12-11 20:52:32Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Heavy in Italy/ Carrying the body of the dead mother in the trunk of the car

A serious story, clothed with many shadows of suspicion, has been discovered by the Carabinieri in Mondragone, the province of Caserta in Italy.

Police have found the dead body of 77-year-old Concetta Infante, tied with duct tape, inside the trunk of her daughter's car, which was parked at the house where they lived together.

The body of the victim, in an advanced state of decomposition, was found by the other daughter of the elderly woman, who lives and works in Abruzzo. She had returned to Mondragone because she had not been able to contact her mother for a week. Despite various attempts to contact the mother, she only got messages back saying she couldn't talk but was fine.

Worried, she went to her mother's house and after making the macabre discovery, she immediately notified the police.

Meanwhile, the other 40-year-old daughter of the elderly woman is being investigated for hiding the corpse, even though she stated that her mother had fallen and hit her head a month ago and died.

She also stated to the investigators that she kept her mother's body in her trunk because she had no money for the funeral ceremony.

However, the authorities are waiting for the results of the autopsy to find out the true cause of the 77-year-old's death, since the daughter has withdrawn her pension for two months in a row, not declaring her mother dead.

The autopsy will determine whether the elderly woman really died in an accident or was murdered.