The activation of the Stromboli volcano, the Italian Civil Defense gives the "red alert": There may be an eruption

2024-07-04 20:54:36Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Stromboli Volcano

Today, the Stromboli volcano in Italy has been activated, releasing flames and a large cloud of smoke that has covered the surrounding area.

The Civil Defense team was immediately assembled, Italian media reports, raising the alert level to red, which is the highest level.

In Catania, a thin cloud has covered homes and streets, as ash is also expected to cover the city.

The raising of the alarm determines the strengthening of the monitoring system of the volcano and the connection of information between the scientific community and other operational structures of the National Civil Protection Service, the Italian media explain.

Stromboli is located on an island at a considerable distance from Cosenza and Catania.