Why did the Vlachs ask to join the Albanians? Pigeon's Explanation

2023-06-23 20:30:30Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Historian Pellumb Xhufi

Historian Pëllumb Xhufi, invited to the show "Albania" on DritareTv, spoke about the relationship between the Vlach and Albanian population.

Xhufi shows why the Vlachs asked to join the Albanians and the similarities between the two peoples.

"There was a Vlach population in Chameri. The Vlachs and Romania demanded that the area of ??Pindi and Southwestern Macedonia, that area of ??Prespa, be attached to the Albanian state and it was a thesis that was strongly defended. Then with the intervention of Greece, they became more tolerant. The Vlachs appear in documents since the 10th century and lived in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. They were an important factor, although scattered, although they eventually assimilated.

The monastery was mostly Albanians and Vlachs, then there were Greeks and Slavs. But there were these populations until the beginning of the 20th century. Then they were assimilated, even violently. There has been great violence in Greece.

There have been great tragedies for the Vlach population of Greece. The Vlachs seek union with Albania. This idea also penetrated the politics of large states. The Vlachs and the Albanians got along extremely well. So well that even the Byzantine authors could not tell whether they were Albanians or Vlachs because they wore Albanian clothes.

So the Vlachs dressed like Albanians in the 16th century, during the Ottoman occupation. That's what the documents said. The characters that appear in the history of Epirus, a Bogoi who calls him arvanito-vllahos, therefore gives two nationalities, because they were the same. This shows a positive symbiosis of these communities, which has continued even in our days" , said the historian Pëllumb Xhufi.