"People are no longer fleeing Albania for a job, but for a better life"

2023-03-27 17:23:49Dhoma e rrëfimit SHKRUAR NGA ENTELA RESULI
Albatros Rexhaj

With Albatros Rexhaj you can open many topics of discussion and he wisely gives his argument.

It is calm and direct. The calmness in fact that also conveys to the interlocutor, helping the time to pass quickly and the conversation to seem short.

We know Albatross as the writer of love, as a philosopher and as a personality who speaks openly about his life experience.

In this period, he divides his time between Pristina and Tirana, in the latter he likes the liveliness and nervousness at the same time that this city has within itself.

After a somewhat turbulent time in life, now that he is living it, as he says that if we don't live our life we ??have nothing to confess afterwards...

"I am one of those people who, when I feel like doing something, I get up and do it. We all say that life is beautiful, but why aren't we living the beautiful life?"- says Rexhaj.

Albatross is our guest in the "Confession Room" to tell us a lot about himself and the society around us.

-Albatross, how was this period for you?

I'm back at school and I'm trying to catch up on some things I've been putting off for a long time. At the same time I am trying to live. For a writer, the principle "Live to tell me" should always apply, so if you don't live your life, you don't have anything to tell.

-What impresses you in Tirana every time you are here, what is that thing that catches your eye?

I actually live in two cities, Pristina and Tirana. I experience both cities as my natural habitats, but I must say that recently I have shifted my social life more to Tirana. Tirana has a lot of vitality, but also a lot of nervousness within itself. It's a constant harmony of opposites, and that appeals to me a lot.

-And when you meet someone for the first time, what impresses you?

The way it carries itself and the energy it conveys. I believe that people who truly feel fulfilled feel no need to prove anything to anyone. They are just there, with me, at their best.

- It seems that already, with the massive spread of social networks, people, or rather a part of them, show there what they eat, what they drink, what house they have, where they spend their vacations... Why do we have this desire to show them others our lives?

What is is not shown, that thing itself is seen. Whereas what is not really needs effort. And as a result of this effort, there are so many family, social, work, etc. "loves" on social networks, even though in reality they are just fictions that only exist on social networking platforms.

- Is there something wrong here or is it normal in the times we live in?

There is no. Man has always been like this. Social media has simply brought it all to light. Man in his essence is an unhappy being, a being who, even when he finds happiness, does not stop until he destroys it himself. We live in fear of the judgment of others, always judging everyone who comes before us.

-Are we living in an "idle" time or am I exaggerating with this?

The law of Hermes says "what is above is also below" or "what is inside is also outside". Idle time is only a reflection of the man who feels empty. Humanity feels that way and that's why it has tremendous destructive tendencies. From the first moment we accept this fact of our existence, we free ourselves from the clutches of the crowd's dictates, and maybe we can have a chance to do something different.

- Are boys or girls looking for this part of fame on the net more? And do you have an identikit of what a man and a woman are like in Albania today? What features and characteristics do they have? those who are in "fashion"', of course?

Chun with lek, chick with tits and ass. Unfortunately, that's all there is to this conversation. This is the archetype that is thought, assumed, that is fashionable. The reality is different, because life requires something a little more than just money or just tits and ass. I have the impression that we are still in the wild stage of capitalism.

- What have they lost?

They pay the bill for the lost youth of their parents' and grandparents' generation during communism. We must never forget that the dictatorship in Albania has alienated the social and cultural DNA of Albanians and this will take a long time, generations, to be repaired.

-In Albania, there is a kind of "epidemic" to leave the country. Especially from the youth. Do you notice a kind of depression in society and where does it come from?

People leave for a better life and greater opportunities. Now there are very few who leave because there is no job in Albania. Today they run away because they do not want to work under the dictates of vile people (institutions and private companies) that their subordinates treat them without dignity and respect. This is the generation that has understood that work should not only bring you money, but also respect and dignity. This is not depression, but a revolution of rejecting what is sold as the norm.

-Albatros, one of the most watched programs at the moment is Big Brother Vip. Followed and commented. How do you explain the success of the format?

Better Big than the broadcast of the People's Assembly. At Big, at least they know what's going on.

-Luizi, a boy and artist who has captured everyone's heart with his game. The merits of Luiz or even a bit of the society that always looks for a character to glorify, mythologize...?

Luizi has summed up all those qualities that Albanians love in themselves, but that few have the courage to manifest in themselves. Luizi speaks openly, he is direct, he does not kill his mind too much, he loves with voice, he loves with play, he loves with protests, he is not lazy and has the courage to take it easy, and he is also calm all the time. Every Albanian dreams of being something like this. I want too, that's why I'm 100% teamLuizi.

-How do you see Luiz, as a character, as a player...?

I don't think about it that much. I just enjoy it. In art school, they used to tell us: don't worry about what the author wanted to say. Some things just are.

-What do you think, what do you predict for him when he comes out? How can I manage this success?

I just hope he stays out of the clutches of daily politics, both Ed and Saliu. If he gets into politics, and I think he likes that job, let him get into it like a Leo who refuses to stay in someone else's shadow.