DECISION: Police officers, doctors, medical students and FA will benefit from home loans with 0% interest, 300 quotas for this year

2023-08-02 09:19:56Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Public administration employees will be able to benefit from home loans with 0% interest, following the support scheme approved by the government. The criteria have been published in the official notebook, while only 300 quotas have been opened for 2023. Beneficiaries of loans with 0% interest are three categories, employees of the public health system, employees of the State Police and soldiers of the Armed Forces. 100 quotas are available for each of the categories.

In order to benefit from the loan, police officers and FA soldiers must have been employed in the public administration for at least 2 years, as well as being married in the civil registry.

As for the other criteria, in order to receive a loan with 0% interest, they must not own a home, or the home they live in is at risk of collapse, they are at risk of becoming homeless as a result of natural disasters, or they live in overcrowded housing, according to the regulations and norms in force. Also, according to VKM, it is said that Armed Forces policemen will be able to receive loans even in cases where the apartment they live in is destroyed or excluded from the legalization process, due to public investments.

The same criteria apply to doctors, while only those who meet the four conditions set by the government can apply. Specifically, those doctors who are employed in public health institutions with an indefinite employment contract, doctors who work more than 80 km away from their place of residence or in rural areas or secondary or tertiary centers can apply.

Students who have signed the new agreement through which they will have to work for 5 years in Albania will also benefit from this support scheme.



The general quotas of loans facilitated for the public administration for 2023 are 300, which are divided as follows:

a) 100 for doctors of the public health system;

b) 100 for State Police employees;

c) 100 for the Armed Forces.

2. For the categories defined in the letters "b" and "c", of point 1, of this decision, the beneficiaries are the new families, created as a result of the marriage concluded before the registrar, which are selected based on the system of scoring, defined in table 1 attached to this decision.

3. For the category defined in letter "a", point 1, of this decision, the beneficiaries are selected based on the scoring system, defined in table 2 attached to this decision.

4. In case there are more candidates with equal points than the quotas defined in point 1 of this decision, their selection will be carried out according to the scoring system, determined by the beneficiary institution itself.

5. Beneficiary public administration employees benefit from 0% interest loans.

6. The Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense are charged with the implementation of this decision.

This decision enters into force after publication in the Official Gazette.