Property tax increases, annual payments will be up to 74% more

2023-08-01 08:04:14Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

From 230 allek to 2,600 allek per year more will be paid with the property tax calculated according to the new fiscal prices approved by the government.

The decision published in the Official Gazette that increased the reference prices of the apartments on which the property tax is calculated leads directly to an increase in the annual tax payment, since the basis of the calculation is the value of the house.

The value of the house referring to the decision on the property tax methodology will be calculated with the reference fiscal prices per square meter, which are used by the Real Estate Registration Offices. While the property tax referred to the law that was approved in 2018 is 0.05% of the value of the apartments.

Referring to the fiscal price table, for example for the area of ??the former Block that coincides with the cadastral zone 5/1, the value of an apartment with an area of ??90 m2x190,000 ALL/m2, the fiscal price of 2018 is ALL 17,100,000.

The property tax paid in 2018 was ALL 8,850 per year. The fiscal reference price for this area increased by 20%, reaching the value of 228,400 ALL per square meter. The annual value tax will be 1,728 ALL more per year or 20% higher.

In the cadastral area 7/4, which coincides on the ground with areas such as: Unaza e Re, Fabrika e Millit, former Aviation Field, Yzberisht, the largest increase in fiscal prices was recorded by about 76%.

For apartments in these areas with an area of ??90 m2, the annual value of the tax at the old reference prices was 2,950 ALL. With the increased price, a family that owns an apartment with a surface area of ??90 m2 in these areas will pay 2,193 ALL more per year in property tax.

Compared to last year, property tax liability will increase by 74%. From 245 allek per month that they paid before with the increase in fiscal prices, they will pay 428.5 allek. Property tax is levied by the local government through water bills.

The tax for privatized apartments, according to the decision "On the methodology for determining the taxable value of real estate "building", of the tax base for specific categories" will continue to be calculated for 70% of the value of the house.

It is about the apartments privatized in 1992, for which no sale or purchase transaction has ever been carried out. "For buildings privatized by law no. 7652, dated 23.12.1992, "On the privatization of state housing", amended, the price per square meter is 70 (seventy) percent of the price according to the areas of the table, only in the case of the first sale", the decision states.

So if in the cadastral area 1/1, which includes areas such as: "Ali Demi" Cinema, Sports Field, Shkozë village, Water Reservoir, for an apartment with an area of ??90 m2 built after 1992, 230 lek more will be paid in year.

If the property is privatized in the year with the privatization law in 1992, previously with the calculation for 70% of the value, 3,077 ALL was paid per year.

With the changed fiscal price, 3,238 ALL will be paid, 5% more. Compared to a 90 m2 apartment built after 1993, existing buildings will pay 30% less, only for first sale cases. 

Cadastral areas


1/1 "Ali Demi" Cinema, Sports Field, Shkozë village, Water Depot; 1/2 Poligrafiku, Shkoza, Autotraktorët, Shkoze village, LanaBregas, Linze, Sauk


2/1 Pyramid, "Qemal Stafa" stadium; 2/2 Pazari i Ri, 9th floor, "Avni Rustemi" school; 2/3 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambulance No. 1, Bërryli; 2/4 School of Ballet, American Embassy; 2/5 "Studenti" City, Faculty of Economics, Martyrs' Cemetery, Sauk, Selitë


3/1 Xhamlleku, Profarma, "Bardhyl" street, "Kongresi i Manastir" street, "Zhan D'Ark" Boulevard; 3/2) Porcelani, IK V, Kinostudio, "Hoxha Tahsim" street, Old Lana, Linzë village


4/1 Hospital complex, SHIK, Oxhaku, Allias i ri, Tufinë village; 4/2 Allias, "Njazi Meka" street, Riverside, Allias i Ri, "Myslym Keta" street "5 Maji"


5/1 Ex–Block, University Library, Vodafone; 5/2 "Selman Stermasi" Stadium, Shushica, Artificial Lake; 5/3 Botanical Garden, street "Community of Paris" artificial lake; 5/4 "Diplomat" Hotel, "Vasil Shanto" block, Selitë e Vogël

ZONE 6 Technological School, Kombinati, Vaqar, Selitë, Yzberisht, Sawrë


7/1 St. District Court, Former "Albania Today" Exhibition; 7/2 Block of Embassies, Faculty of Civil Engineering; 7/3 NSHRAK, park of the Ministry of the Interior, Bread Factory; 7/4 New Ring, Flour Factory, former Aviation Field, Yzberisht


8/1 Selvia, "Partizani" gymnasium, "Tafajt" street; 8/2 Madrasa, pharmacy no. 10, Tregu Industrial; 8/3 Industrial Market, "Ajka" factory, "Dinamo" plant, Riverside


9/1 Bar Piazza, Block along "Zogu I", Rruga e Barricadave, "Fortuzi" street, "Sulejman Pasha" to "Mine Peza"; 9/2 Train station, General Archives, Mortgage, Polytechnic; 9/3 "Don Bosco", Shoe Factory, Riverside, Polytechnic, "Siri Kodra" street


10/1 PTT, Telecom, former Union of Writers; 10/2 "Myslym Shyri" Street, Police Department, Catholic Church; 10/3 Embassy Block, Prosecutor's Office, Durrës Street


11/1 Black Bird, former Party School; 11/2 Ferluti, former Plant Tirana, FIAT, Descent towards Laprakka; 11/3 Laprakë, Customs Directorate, Military Hospital, Riverside, Fushë Mezes, Don Bosco.