Smile. al, where the soul finds the rest of hope! The only online platform in Albania - crowdfunding

2023-08-05 11:51:44Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

"It doesn't matter how much you donate, but how much soul your donation has" - The great Mother Teresa, the symbol of kindness and the embodiment of human love, would quote. In the culture of the small Balkan country, charity has always appeared in different forms, making Albania stand out for its generosity. This is a tradition of the Albanian people where the philosophy "what is mine is also yours" would be cultivated and inherited between generations. For the first time, donations, or as they are otherwise known, donations, open to the Albanian public, were recorded sometime around the beginning of the 90s. The first non-governmental organizations, or non-profit ones, began to gain an understanding of their content in our country, which would soon make Albanian society aware of the role, forms and typologies of donation. Their common mission lies in the value and dignity of human life, which are of course also based on humanitarian and spiritual values. The respect of human rights, the development of the human being in all its dimensions, the creation of integrative infrastructures in society, are some of the causes that these organizations support their strategies.

During the last decades in Albania, there are several organizations known for their active interactions with the general public, thus finding stimulating channels of awareness on the causes that impact the society of a country. Technological developments and innovations have affected every area of ??human life. A surge with a new approach in the organization of donations, we now find it appearing in digital forms, mainly through social networks. What stands out during the search for the activity of organizations (NGOs) is the Albanian platform, the only one in the online crowdfunding format. Founded 3 years ago, this platform started its journey towards its noble mission, which has served the entire Albanian society.

Smile. al, where the soul finds the rest of hope! The only online platform in

As an extraordinary opportunity to collect funds from the public anywhere in the world who is interested in sensitive causes, is a very convenient choice for any organization in Albania to realize various projects with a social character. Through the website of the program, donations are made available to projects that are implemented by non-profit organizations with a history of success and experience in such activities, utilizing the potential of the "crowdfunding" donation model. What makes it unique in its embryo, is the philosophy of the founders of this platform, who brought it as the best way to mobilize the Albanian society on increasing humanization. Everyone already has the opportunity to make a modest contribution and bring happiness to a soul waiting for a ray of hope. The entire donation process is transparent, another strong point of this platform where the public has the opportunity to monitor every donation made as well as the entire implementation of every project. During the duration of's operation, 3 calls were opened and 59 projects were presented by different organizations, of which 23 were launched.

Smile. al, where the soul finds the rest of hope! The only online platform in

This shows the seriousness of this platform and the easy application infrastructure to proceed in donating to any cause. 18 There are projects with different social character which have been sponsored and implemented with great dedication. There are more than 1000 donors who have made many Albanian individuals and families happy.
The success of the platform also lies in the entire communicative typology in its entirety. The language and the message addressed to the public is simple, direct and with empathic tones. Thanks to its various potential partners, including media ones, this platform would soon create its echo as one of the most successful platforms in the Balkans. This is due to the number of donors, donated values ??and implemented projects, which continue to grow continuously. has started this journey, with the belief to nurture altruism, as a devotion to the needs that everyone should feel in a non-conditional way. Therefore, today the staff of the platform is grateful to all the supporters who have donated, from partners, organizations, and every individual, thanks to which it became possible to successfully finalize many projects, bringing joy to the needy. Today counts over 4 million viewers who visit the online platform showing not only their curiosity about its activity but also their awareness to contribute to various causes.

During the month of July, the platform is open to all NGOs to become part of it through applications with different projects in one of the areas defined as: welfare and solidarity, promotion of cultural heritage, social entrepreneurship, environment, education and trainings, sports activities, etc. A good opportunity for any organization operating in Albania to become part of the platform by applying online until September 30, 2023, to continue the common mission of investing in making our community a better place.
No one became poor by donating, so it's up to us to make someone happy today!

Smile. al, where the soul finds the rest of hope! The only online platform in