Albanians say NO to olive oil from abroad. Import of foreign brands, 7 times lower than a year ago

2023-12-08 13:48:41Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Olive production during the past year experienced a record increase of 39 percent, causing the domestic market to be oversaturated with olive oil even through 2023. This situation has led to taking advantage of the cheap selling price, an average of 5 thousand ALL/liter, but also in terms of quality, Albanian consumers should be oriented towards local production.

The data of the General Directorate of Customs, according to Scan TV, show that the import of olive oil from abroad during the 11th month of 2023 has suffered a drastic decrease compared to the same period a year ago, both in quantity and value.

In other words, during January-November 2023, only 35 tons of olive oil were imported from nearly 264 tons imported a year ago, translated into 7 times less. Also, consequently, the decrease is also observed in value by -80.4 percent.

The highest demand for olive oil was mainly during the summer season, from service and accommodation structures due to the tourist boom, but also from immigrants who took advantage to make the necessary purchases.

While a good part of the quantity produced was exported to Italy, after an agreement signed by the Ministry of Agriculture with the Italian authorities, which opened the way for the sale of this product outside the borders.

But this season, since the olive tree is not at the level of a year ago in terms of production, however, the data from the farmers indicate that there are sufficient quantities to meet local demand. Currently, a liter of oil is being sold at an average price of 800 ALL/liter.

Referring to the official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, olive production set a record with an increase several times higher than other products in the country during the past year. So if in 2021 nearly 110 thousand tons of olives were produced, during the year we left behind, the production reached 152.6 thousand tons.