About 70 percent of farmers request free oil, over 71 thousand applications for funds in agriculture

2024-04-23 10:29:35Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

71,537 farmers have applied to benefit from the funds made available in agriculture through the National Support Scheme for 2024.

According to the official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are a total of 69,510 individual farmers, 321 groups of farmers, 21 Agricultural Cooperation Societies.

The data show that of the 8 measures that will be financed as a whole, the highest interest was for the free oil scheme for mechanized works in agriculture, where 54,225 farmers applied, followed by applications in livestock with 9,288 applications; but support measures for beekeeping and medicinal aromatic plants have also been of interest.

The Ministry of Agriculture informs that the process of administrative evaluation of applications has already started to give quick and concrete answers through financing.

This year more priority has been given to the association of farmers, providing them with 100 percent financing, while for individual applicants there will be a proportional allocation of the remaining fund, and at a certain ceiling, the support will be halved.

The initial fund available is 32 million euros and for the first time, the money for the oil scheme will go directly to the farmers' accounts. Applications opened on March 27 and closed on April 19.