Grandet, how much lek does a farmer get? More beneficiaries, less money

2024-04-25 10:10:54Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

From the support scheme in agriculture, on average, a farmer in 2024 is expected to benefit about 46 thousand ALL. This year, the beneficiaries have been added, but the available fund is smaller than in 2023. As a result, the increased applications halve the amount that an average farmer will benefit.

"The amount of money available to farmers is very low, removing the free oil for agriculture, the rest is 43% less than the amount given in 2023. In one of the points it is said that if the number of applications is greater for a scheme then a proportional division is made, in this case the farmer with 10 cows will get less of what he is entitled to", says professor Gjok Vuksani.

The innovation this year in the agricultural support scheme is the application in groups or through agricultural cooperation societies. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, there are 321 groups of farmers and 21 companies that claim to benefit from the available funds.

"Union of farmers on the basis of these groups is done without a legal act, it is done with a non-notarized agreement according to the instructions. But the question is whether this group will be sustainable", added the professor.

According to Vuksan, the scheme points out the decrease in the number of cattle and therefore livestock farmers. Applications for subsidies for cows reached 3851, small 5437.

"A much smaller number 4-5 years ago, which was around 6,000 applications for subsidies. This shows that the number of farmers engaged in cow breeding and the number of cows has reduced."

3.3 billion ALL available, in other words, half of the previous year, according to experts, is a strong reason why it is impossible to promote further agricultural and livestock development.