Declaration of annual income, individuals and self-employed by the end of the month

2024-04-24 09:32:59Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Those who have an annual income of over 2 million ALL or are double-employed even in a period of 2023, have the duty to fill out the personal income form.

Over 73,790 Albanian citizens have until April 30 to register their individual annual income statement.

For the first time, self-employed individuals must also prepay the declaration, but what does not change is filling out the form.

While free professions will be taxed at 15% rates for the range from 0 to 14 million ALL and above 14 million ALL, the 23% tax rate is imposed.

There are 24 thousand 224 individuals with income over 2 million in our country and 49 thousand 566 citizens who are double-employed, according to data from the Tax Administration.