Clocks for bakeries vary. The new scheme/ What the subjects must do to assign the bandage that belongs to them

2024-04-24 10:04:25Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Starting from May 1st, the new electricity tariff scheme for bakeries, which also sell pastries, dough products or have espresso and coffee beans, will come into force. The Association of Bread, Pastry and Dough has held an informative meeting on the procedures that will be followed in implementing this scheme, which foresees 3 price bands, depending on the activity that these subjects exercise.

"The price will change on May 1 automatically: 7.6 ALL/kWh, it goes to 9.5 ALL/kWh. All other fees will be systematized based on the request of each subject individually, but I am stating that all actions, no matter how late, the financial effect starts on May 1", said the vice president of the Bread Association, Rasim Nela.

Nela also announced the procedures that will be followed for those entities that have already installed 2 meters, according to the current requirements.

"The transition procedure in 1 hour, an agreement has been made with FSHU and OSHEE, which will be a slightly longer process where none of the subjects will be affected, but step by step according to the technical conditions that each subject has the union of the 2 hours will be realized. OSHEE has all the expenses to combine the 2 clocks into 1", said Nela. 

The administrator of Universal Service Provider, Algert Luzi asked the entities to report any case of abuse by OSHEE employees. Meanwhile, asked by TV SCAN, Luzi added that most of the subjects are expected to be charged with 9.5 Lek/kWh, which includes the activity for bakery, accompanying flour products and pastry.

"Bakery and pastry shop activity is about 60-70% of these entities. However, only the terrain will reveal what the exact number will be. This decision will be applied fairly and regularly and we will not have discrimination between subjects. For any problem you will have, perhaps from our employees, please let us know. Immediate action will be taken!” said Algert Luzi, administrator of Universal Service Provider.

Meanwhile, the head of the association, Gëzim Peshkopia, requested the cooperation of the institutions in the implementation of the new decision.

"In the current period, it is important that for the implementation of this decision you have cooperation, information and contact with the institutions and not with individuals who come to the bakeries. "Abrogate all previous decisions of ERE, OSHEE and FSHU on the supply of electricity to bakeries," said Peshkopia.

According to the new scheme, for bakeries that do not have any other integrated activity, the price will continue to be 7.6 ALL/kWh. Meanwhile, for those premises that have bread ovens, pastry products or other dough products, the price that will be applied will be 9.5 ALL/kWh. The third category includes those premises that are more extended and include espresso, bar and coffee, for which the price will be 12 ALL/kWh.