110,000 euros for a guest house! The "ghost" port of Durrës starts selling apartments

2022-12-07 21:22:01Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Photo from the Durrës Yacht Marina project

While everything is still on paper for the project to transform the Port of Durrës, the sale of apartments in this residential area starts on Thursday. 

On the official website of Durrës Yacht Marina it is announced that their sale will officially begin on December 8. But in the meantime, not a single brick has been laid in the port area for the new constructions that are being sold

The prices specified in it will start from 110 thousand euros for the smallest areas. The apartments that will be offered to buyers in this area that is expected to be transformed are with one, two or three rooms.

Sources near Durrës Yacht Marina for the sale of apartments will mainly take the sale prices of apartments in the capital and range from 2000 euros per meter 2 to 3500 euros.

First, two buildings with apartments and a hotel will be built, which will be completed in two years, and then the whole project will take 5 years and contain 13,000 apartments.

The project for the port of Durrës was approved in the parliament amid many objections from the opposition, which describes it as the biggest corruption affair of the last 30 years.

The project is about 2 billion euros, a part of which will be collected from the sale of apartments. The sale starts tomorrow even though no concrete construction work has started on the ground, while it will take many years to move the port and the cargo piers to the next port.

From the project that is starting to be sold, apart from a website and some online brochures, there is only this sales office built in Durrës./ TCH