Fire in the clothes market in Shkodër, firefighters from Ulqin, Tivari, Lezha and Malësia e Madhe help

2024-06-14 20:47:42Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fire in the used clothes market in Shkodër

Mayor Benet Beci also reacted to the large-scale fire that engulfed the used clothes market and several apartments in Shkodër.

In a post on Facebook, he says that help has been requested from Civil Emergencies, while fire engines have arrived from Malësia e Madhe, Lezha and Ulqini.

"All structures of the Municipality engaged against the fire that broke out a few minutes ago in the used clothes market in Qafë Hardhi.

Help has been requested from the Civil Emergencies, as the firefighters continue their work, and vehicles from Malësia e Madhe and Ulqini have been sent to help them. Fortunately, the damage is only material", writes Beci.

Fire engines from Ulqin, Tivari, Lezha and Malësia e Madhe have arrived at the heart of the fire.

In a few minutes, the civil emergency helicopter arrives, which was requested by the Mayor to neutralize the fire, which is already under control.