'There's no shame', Fabian Zhilla starts an online petition against shows that broadcast sexual content

2022-08-12 09:14:17Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Researcher Fabian Zhilla has launched an online petition addressed to the Audiovisual Media Authority and the State Agency for Children's Rights and Protection regarding "reality" television shows that broadcast messages with harmful content for children and violate public morality.

Zhilla requests from the institutions that such programs that display messages with harmful content take legal measures for their transmission in time slots after 24:00, be advertised with relevant logos that warn viewers under 18 years of age, and be accompanied by a warning for scenes and program content unsuitable for under 18s.

A few days ago, in one of his writings, Zhilla condemned the broadcasting of such programs, which, according to him, broadcast anti-values ??through sexualization.


Directed by: 

1. Audiovisual Media Authority 

2. State Agency for Children's Rights and Protection

For knowledge:

· Parliamentary Committee for Education and Public Information Means

· People's Advocate

· Consumer Protection Agency 

Based on a citizen's concern expressed in various forms regarding some shows of the "Reality Show" format, which have NO SHAME but broadcast messages with content harmful to children and violate public morals, we appeal to your institution to take legal measures for these programs to:

1. They are broadcast in a time slot after midnight.

2. Broadcast with appropriate logos warning viewers under 18 years of age.

3. Accompanied by a warning about scenes and program content unsuitable for under 18s.

Legal basis

· Constitution, article 48 and article 54/3.

· Law No. No. 97/2013 "On Audiovisual Media in the Republic of Albania"; Article 4/1.b; Article 18/1.a; Article 33/1.d; article 46/1.etc. 

· Broadcast Code for Audiovisual Media no. 228 dated 11.12.2017.

· Law 18/2017 'On the Rights and Protection of the Child', Article 17/7; Article 27; article 42.