A third Colombian in Fier's cocaine interceptions: 'Djego' is also known by the criminal circles in Tirana

2022-12-04 16:30:59Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A third Colombian in Fier's cocaine busts

Investigations into documenting the trafficking of 430 kilograms of cocaine, seized a few days ago in Frakull i Madhe in Fier, have brought out other foreign collaborators of Nikolin Gjolen.

The interceptions carried out by the Special Prosecutor's Office have revealed that the criminal connections that enable the trafficking and extraction of the narcotic substance from other products with which it was camouflaged, did not take place only in Colombia, but physically extended to Albania.

In addition to Samir Rodrigues, declared wanted, and his accomplice, who after arriving in Montenegro where he accompanied the narcotics, but did not enter our country, the investigators tracked down another Colombian citizen who lives in Tirana, TV reports. clan,

According to the investigation file, the interceptions show that this person lives in the Farka area. He is a contact of Gjolena, known by the name "Djego" and also known by other criminal circles involved in drug trafficking.

His presence in Albania is evidenced in one of the interceptions between Denilson ?ervanak and Nikolin Gjolen, who tells him how the foreign citizen has opened up that other people owe him 80,000 euros for work he has done. The same intercepts show how the group has collaborations with other groups abroad that help it move cargo through ports.

But this is not the only file that evidences an international collaboration of organized crime in traffic matters. SPAK has for some time raised the concern and requested international cooperation between the authorities, as it did in the joint conference with the Italian Anti-Mafia prosecution a few weeks ago.