The 17 road axes that are blocked for the summit in Tirana: Restrictions start tomorrow

2022-12-04 15:21:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
17 road axes that are blocked for the summit in Tirana

Tirana will enter "state siege" from tomorrow. The summit of the European Union with the Western Balkans will be held in Tirana on Tuesday, but the State Police has decided to block 17 roads on Monday in order to guarantee order and security.

Road blocking starts at 14:00 with 5 road axes from Rinasi Airport, Qafë-Kashar, former Shqiponja Square, Great Ring, "Studenti" city roundabout, to the intersection with "Bajram Curri" boulevard.

12 other roads will be near the center of Tirana, in the security perimeter established by the authorities. The police have requested the removal of parked vehicles on these roads.

Given that Tuesday will be a normal day for citizens, residents, employees of institutions, or journalists who will follow the summit proceedings, 6 roads have been defined that will be passed only on foot. They will be allowed to pass only with their work document and identity card, while the residents will be escorted to the apartment by police forces.

There will also be other restrictions on the circulation of heavy tonnage vehicles on the road axis "Shkodër - Lezhë - Milot - Thumanë - Fushë Krujë - Vorë". This restriction is due to the delegations that will arrive from the Hani i Hoti and Morina border points.