"We didn't think it would end in murder", the Albanians say: we heard them fighting, a woman screamed

2022-12-03 19:40:44Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Qamil taja

A serious event has shaken the Kaminia area of ??Piraeus, Greece, in the early hours of this morning, with two Albanians as protagonists.

25-year-old Qamil Taja killed his Albanian girlfriend, 19-year-old Kristjana Brakaj, with a pistol, while under the influence of cocaine after a fight due to jealousy.

Their relationship was not so harmonious, as there were frequent arguments and fights between them. This is based on the statements of the couple's neighbors. They tell the Greek media that a violent fight between the couple had happened only a week ago.

"A week ago I heard fighting. I could hear shouting and loud fighting. The girl was somewhat more collected. He was louder, more active.

The last fight was fierce. "I mostly heard the woman's voice," says the couple's neighbor, who, even though he was at home, did not hear the fatal shot.

Some of the neighbors say that they often heard the couple's quarrels, but they could not imagine that it would end in murder.