Beci for the terrible fire in the clothes market: The situation is under control, no one was injured

2024-06-14 21:31:29Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Benet Beci

After approximately two hours of fighting the flames, the situation in the "Ndoc Mazi" neighborhood of Shkodra in a used clothes market has stabilized.

In a statement to the media, the mayor of Shkodra, Benet Beci, said that the fire of frightening proportions that "invaded" the neighborhood of the northern city this afternoon, no longer poses a danger.

Furthermore, Beci said that the fire caused material damage, but the good news is that no one was injured.

Benet Beci : The situation has just stabilized. It takes 1 and a half hours which is a real struggle to manage and keep the fire situation under control. I think now there is no longer a danger. I am glad that there were no casualties. There is material damage, the situation was very serious. Thank you to all the fire departments that came here. I want to emphasize that this situation here, where the firefighters had no chance to enter, when all this urban planning crap in the area, I think has been a big concern. We still have work to do to clean up the situation and bring this whole space under control. The good news is that there were no casualties and the fire situation is now under control.

During his speech, Mayor Beci said that they will consider a plan of measures for the families whose homes were affected by the fire. Beci closed his statement to the media by saying that there has never been such a great danger from fire in Shkodër.

Question : Unfortunately, some houses are burned, will there be a plan of measures for these families? There are a large number of families.

Benet Beci: We will definitely examine it, according to all the rules and evaluation groups, and the problem of what happened will be followed. I think that all instances are organized and ready for this situation. I am pleased to say that the organization was good and a good coordination made it possible to bring the situation under control relatively quickly, despite the fire of extraordinary proportions. I believe that there was no such great danger in Shkodër.