“What was that? Kallash"/ The moment when Qetsori and Kristi hear the shots towards Top Channel (Video)

2023-03-27 02:48:16Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

New details have emerged from the murder that took place on Top Channel , where the television guard was executed with a Kalashnikov .

The bullets wounded the security guard of "Oktapus" Security, who died on the way to the hospital, but the generals are still unknown.

The moment of the explosions was also recorded by BigBrother's cameras, while the residents said that they felt as if they had happened there.

As can be seen in the following images, the sound of the Kalashnikov was heard by Nita, Qetsori and Kristi.

Dialogue :

Kristi : What was that?

Qetsori : Like a Kalashnikov, he looked like that to me.

Kristi : I thought it was inside.


On 27.03.2023, around 01:00, in Mzeze, under still unclear circumstances, by still unidentified persons, a firearm was fired at the premises of Top Channel.

As a result of the shooting, the security guard, citizen PK, 60 years old (employee of a company for physical storage of objects) lost his life.

An investigative team has been set up and under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office, intensive work continues to clarify the circumstances of the event, the seizure of evidence that will serve to clarify the event, the identification and capture of the perpetrators.

The Police Services have set up checkpoints and the work to identify and catch the perpetrators continues.