The meeting of the commission of inquiry for the concessions in Health fails, SP does not appear

2024-04-03 14:04:26Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Health Commission

The meeting of the Investigative Commission for concessions in Health scheduled for today has failed. The members of the Socialist Party did not appear at the meeting, as according to them there was no decision-making for the next meeting.

President Albana Vokshi, while the socialists' seats were empty, accused them of trying to block the work of the commission for the two concessions, sterilization and check-up.

It is trying to hinder the work, in total irresponsibility, using tricks, false pretexts. Based on the regulations, I will announce the next meeting on Friday. I have received the signatures of the opposition MPs, and the meeting will be called on Friday. I announced a press conference.'- said Vokshi.

Meanwhile, the vice-president Plarent Ndreca said that they did not appear at the meeting as Vokshi set the date without consultation.

"The violations of the chairperson of the commission in the direction of the commission go to the point that she does not even respect the agenda announced by her. Even, despite the fact that she had put on the table as an item of the agenda the approval of the date of the next meeting, in complete violation of her duty, she did not allow the decision-making of the committee, but closed the meeting unilaterally and announced a date of without being approved by the commission", responded Plarent Ndreca.