PHOTOS and VIDEOS with politicians and businessmen in Tirana, SPAK investigates 'Lushnjar' linked to Rexhepi, Dizdar and Mata!

2023-11-30 13:56:23Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Dritan Rexhepi/ Eldi Dizdari/ MM/ Ervin Mata

The SKY intercepts are a gold mine for SPAK, and in recent weeks special prosecutors have been doing intensive work cracking down on international drug trafficking gangs.

After the capture of Dritan Rexhepi in Turkey, SPAK requested his extradition to Albania, while just a few days ago it hit the group of Ervin Mata, one of the biggest drug traffickers between Latin America and Europe.

However, the names published in the media so far from the SPAK files are only the tip of the iceberg, while Rexhepi and Mata are not the only sharks of the international cocaine traffic.

In SPAK's sieve is another accused as a trafficker of the first two levels, who in Tirana has turned into a businessman.

It is about the citizen with the initials MM, whom everyone knows as 'Lushnjari'. He has been living and working in Tirana for several years, being among the main investors in the field of construction and not only, while the source of income is doubtful.

SPAK is also investigating him for the fact that he was part of the group of Dizdar and Rexhepi, while he currently has strong ties to politics and stable partnerships with big businessmen in the country.

In the investigative file that the special prosecutors have in their hands are photo materials, meeting places and intercepted conversations with politicians and well-known businessmen.

Vox News has provided details from the materials that BKH agents have in hand.

MM, or ' Lushnjari ', until recently, was guarded by bodyguards, part of the RENEA forces, who have already left after the initiation of in-depth investigations by SPAK. Regarding the officers in question, the special prosecutor's office has opened another file to find out how it happened that employees of the structures in charge of law enforcement changed direction and defended a name suspected of being a drug trafficker.  

Meanwhile, after the investigations launched by SPAK, ' Lushnjari ' has suspended all commercial activities and is trying to provide information on what is happening with his file.

Even though he has a strategic permit for the Lake Dam in Tirana, he has not yet started the works and has recently spread word that he wants to sell the secured permit.

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