The tragedy in Shkodër, the brother of the suspected author denies the accusations of violence: The bride should not have killed herself with the 3 children

2024-05-06 18:22:40Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alma Arrazi and Erdgys Arrazi

Edison Arrazai, the brother of the suspect Erdgys Arrazi, spoke to the media and gave other details about the incident recorded in Shkodër.

"It is a very serious event that happened to us in our family because the other two bodies have not yet been found and two of them are dead. I want to clarify the public opinion that my brother is known by all of Shkodra because he worked in mobile service. It is untrue that the brother has exercised psychological or physical violence against our daughter-in-law. After the serious event, we made four coffins and we will accompany the bride with the three children. She was our bride and we loved and respected her. Regarding the incident, it is not true that the brother raped her. The prosecutor's office gave us permission for the brother to come to the funeral, and the police did not allow him to throw a punch at the girl we buried today. I want to appeal to everyone not to hurry and give us time for the truth of the event to come out. The brother and the bride got along very well and did not have any problems as is being accused everywhere. I want the brother to come home and we also bury the other girl that was found today.

The facts are everywhere that my brother is not violent because everyone knows him. We lived in a house together and if there was violence at least once he would have denounced it or knocked on the doors of some association or found a solution. We have informed our bride's family about everything, from the first moment until now. They were not at the funeral today, but we know that the pain for them is as great as ours. They are also respected by us. The bride has long been treated with medication for stress and depression. It is not that he was in a serious condition, but from time to time he took medicine. The event is very serious and we are very busy. I myself have been out of prison for three days. I spent four years in prison and I still don't know what I did because I was convicted of narcotic plants, which is not true.

Coffee with my sister-in-law

"My daughter-in-law and my brother's daughter-in-law that afternoon went out as usual to drink coffee together with the children because they often went out together. After they drank the coffee, he told my daughter-in-law that I will leave for Durrës and my brother will come to pick me up. He did not show any problems during his stay in the cafe and behaved quite normally. He told him that I talked to my husband about my brother and that I will leave for Durrës because my brother will take me".

Suspicions of treason

"I don't know that my brother had another relationship, but if he had 20 relationships, that action is never justifiable because it is a serious event. To my knowledge, I don't know if there was an extramarital affair".