Petition against "mothers for rent" in "Skënderbej" square, thousands of citizens sign against the bill

2024-05-23 20:05:32Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Signing the petition against surrogacy

A petition with signatures of citizens requesting the prohibition of allowing surrogacy in Albania, the termination of pregnancy at the 16th week without the knowledge of the parents or the sterilization of girls and boys aged 18 and 23 will be sent to the Parliament of Albania and the President of the Republic .

This Thursday, signatures of citizens warning of protests have been collected.

While the Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health continues to be consulted, the Deputy Minister of Health clarifies that surrogacy will only be allowed between relatives, while clarifying that the law still has no form and some points can be revised.

On June 1, a march with parents, children and grandparents aims to put a stop to these points in the draft law and the latest developments that have provoked reactions, such as the marriage between two girls or the draft law on gender identity recognition.