Dortmund is colored in orange, Dutch fans "occupy" the German city (VIDEO)

2024-07-10 18:56:38Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Holland fans

The fans of the Netherlands have "invaded" the city of Dortmund in Germany, on the eve of the semi-final challenge of the European Championship against England, scheduled to be played this Wednesday evening.

After 10 years, the "tulips" return to play in a semi-final in a major competition and this has greatly increased the enthusiasm of the fans.

With the color orange, the fans of the Netherlands have been among the most passionate of this European, while in addition to the stadium, they have given a spectacle in the cities where they have been present.

They did the same this Wednesday. According to the German media, a full 80,000 Dutch fans showed up in Dortmund, although not all of them could enter the stadium.

The color orange prevails in the German city, while it seems that English fans will be fewer in the "Signal Iduna Park" stadium.

The match between the Netherlands and England will be played tonight at 21:00.