'The citizens have a problem with Luizi, not with the protests'/ Murrizi: Will he get money or not?

2023-01-30 17:16:41Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Luiz Ejlli and Myslym Murrizi

" Citizens have a problem, does Luizi want to get money in "Big Brother ", said in the show " Zona Zero " on Top News , ironically ex-deputy Myslym Murrizi. 

The former deputy warned that citizens do not come to the protest because they are not interested in politics. Murrizi further added that Albanians are more interested in Luiz Ejlli in " Big Brother VIP " than in the protest.

"It is a constitutional right of the opposition. It is the right of every opposition, it is an even greater right of the citizens who did not care ... that the citizens have a problem whether Luizi will get money in "Big Brother" or not, this is their problem", he said.

During the interview with Thimi Samarxhiu, the former MP said that only Luizi can lead the citizens to protest, so he called on the latter to protest against the Government.

" Only Luiz can get them out. We invite Luiz to protest because there are no citizens. Only Luizi can topple Rama ", Murrizi pointed out ironically.