Report/ Municipalities spent more on salaries and social security. Costs increased by ALL 9.9 billion

2024-05-25 12:26:02Biznes SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The data of the report of the local government have come to the conclusions that last year the expenses of the municipalities increased due to the new salary policies of the administration.

Referring to the report, it is emphasized that in terms of expenditures made through their own resources, 61 Municipalities spent about 68.3 billion ALL. And to compare it with a year ago, the municipalities have spent about 9.9 billion lek more or 17% more.

Where are local government spending more focused?

According to the data of the report, expenses are observed in three sub-groups, where capital expenses stand out, which have resulted in about 38.7% more, as well as expenses for wages and insurance 17.7%, the latter due to the increase in wages during 2023. While the last sub-group which has contributed to the increase in costs is the increase in the total number of employees of Local Government Units.

Most of the expenses for the local government, i.e. for the municipalities, go to salaries and social and health insurance contributions with 43.1%, followed by operational and other expenses with 33.3% and expenses for capital investments with 23.6%.